Owners of domain names seized by ICE, using Twitter to communicate with users

Domain names seized by ICE - Homeland Security investigations

TechCrunch is reporting that many of the owners of the domain names seized by Homeland Security earlier this week because of copyright infringement are now moving their web sites to alternate domain names. 

And the owners are using Twitter to get the word out about the “move”.

Some have already started to migrate to other domains, though it’s likely choices like .net won’t be any safer. Torrent-Finder owner Waleed Gad El Kareem said he switched his site over to the moment he saw the ICE message on, posting the new site’s address on Twitter.

As TechCrunch points out, some web sites have switched from .com to .net, as well as .com to .info.   Jamie Zoch, of DotWeekly, has a full rundown of all the domain names seized., one of the sites that had its .com seized, registered the .info on Nov. 25th (see Whois Record below).  The .net and .org were already registered. whois record

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What do you think? Should the owners have gone with .info, a different extension, a .com with hyphens, or something entirely different?