Google was buyer of domain Whois

Back in June 2011, DotWeekly editor Jamie Zoch spotted a change in the Whois records of the domain name  Jamie speculated that either Zynga or Google was the buyer of the domain, which was privately registered making it difficult to know the owner’s identity.

As of today, the buyer is no longer a secret, thanks to another change in the Whois records

Whois Privacy was removed this week from revealing Google Inc. as the official owner, who paid an undisclosed amount of money for the name.

When you type into your browser, you are taken to 

In May 2011, Google announced Google Wallet, a mobile app that allows users to make their phone a virtual wallet.  The web address for the site is <>.

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MilitaryGamer: After losing out on “Game of the Year”, Activision doesn’t renew domains: [More]

Call of Duty Black Ops

Dotweekly Editor Jamie Zoch wrote an interesting article this week about spying on company domain names using DomainTools.  The story got me thinking about looking at the name servers of companies like Activision so I could post an article on my other blog,

I found something interesting, while doing some research on  The company has let several of its domain names expire:,,,, and

As I pointed out on MilitaryGamer, was first registered in 1999, and now the domain name appears over on the Pending Deletes List provided by is still registered to Activision, but the status of the domain is set to ”Redemption Period”, meaning the name has about 30 days before its released by the registrar and either available for public registration or sent to one of the drop-catching services like Pool.

Activision has yet to win a Spike VGA Game of the Year award. 

And while one has nothing to do with the other necessarily, had Activision won “Game of the Year”, renewing the domain probably wouldn’t have been overlooked.

According to a rough estimate provided by Compete, the domain does receive a few hundred visitors per month in the latter part of the year.

A look at, shows that had a fully developed website online at one point, that was operated by Vivendi Universal Games, which eventually merged with Activision.

You can read more over at the MilitaryGamer blog post.

Anyone who wants to learn more tips and tricks, should pay a visit to DotWeekly.  Jamie Zoch the Editor, has been in the domain industry since 2004 and writes helpful guides on domain names.