Columbia Pictures files dispute over [UPDATED]

Last summer DotWeekly wrote about the domain name selling in a Go Daddy expired domain auction for $22,005 USD.  The first comment made by a reader of the article was that the purchase was a waste of money. "What a waste of money IMO.  That purchase makes no sense unless you own … [Read more...]

Twitter wins dispute over highly trafficked typo domain

Twitter, Inc. has won a dispute over the highly trafficked typo domain name that led visitors to an online scam survey site. A panel with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled in favor of Twitter. was registered long before became what it … [Read more...]

Apple wins domain name dispute for,

Apple continues to win domain name disputes filed with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization.,,, and, have been ordered transferred to Apple Inc. by a WIPO panel in the latest decision.  The dispute (Case no. D2011-1390) was … [Read more...]

Apple wins dispute over, domain name ordered transferred

Updated August 1, 2011:  The full administrative panel decision has been posted online. ** WIPO Panelist David Cairns has ruled in favor of Apple in a dispute over the domain name Apple filed the complaint at the end of May with the World Intellectual Property … [Read more...] (typo) domain dispute is not the only problem name for Twitter

If you're a frequent Twitter user, at some point you may have accidentally misspelled the URL and ended up landing on a web page promising you a free iPad 2 for simply filling out a short, anonymous 30 second questionnaire. On Saturday, I was the first to report that Twitter Inc had filed a … [Read more...]

Twitter finally files domain dispute over typo –

Micro blogging site Twitter has filed a domain dispute over the web address with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) this week. The domain has long tricked visitors who typed in the address by sending them to a confusingly similar looking site.  Currently when you type … [Read more...]

With earning $1,000,000 per year, company goes after .com at WIPO

After meeting as high school students in 2002, Alex Benzer and Charlotte Genevier, co-founders of Webligo developed and launched Social Engine in 2007.  The product is described as a social-network-in-a-box, a white label social networking application that is growing and now earns nearly $1MM/year … [Read more...]