Twitter is going after another typo domain: (with an extra ‘t’)

The dispute submitted by Twitter Inc over the typo domain (with an extra 't'), comes on the heels of Twitter's win this month in a similar complaint against the typo domain WIPO Case D2011-1973 was filed this week with the World Intellectual Property Organization. In … [Read more...]

Twitter wins dispute over highly trafficked typo domain

Twitter, Inc. has won a dispute over the highly trafficked typo domain name that led visitors to an online scam survey site. A panel with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled in favor of Twitter. was registered long before became what it … [Read more...]

Domain dispute proceedings over typo have been suspended

It appears Twitter has requested that the proceedings over the disputed domain be suspended.  The micro blogging site filed a domain dispute (case #D2011-0890) over the web address with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in early June, days later it added … [Read more...] (typo) domain dispute is not the only problem name for Twitter

If you're a frequent Twitter user, at some point you may have accidentally misspelled the URL and ended up landing on a web page promising you a free iPad 2 for simply filling out a short, anonymous 30 second questionnaire. On Saturday, I was the first to report that Twitter Inc had filed a … [Read more...] shows the power of Typos with +132% Yearly Change in Traffic

Are there problems with typo domains?  With many, yes, especially if they were registered in bad faith. But "typo" doesn't always equal bad faith.  And is an example of one such domain name.  At least, in its beginnings.  The typo domain which has been written about many times in … [Read more...]