Domain dispute proceedings over typo have been suspended

Twiter logo

It appears Twitter has requested that the proceedings over the disputed domain be suspended. 

The micro blogging site filed a domain dispute (case #D2011-0890) over the web address with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in early June, days later it added to its case. 

The owner of has used the web address typo to trick visitors into clicking links that promise free gifts after providing personal information such as email and address.

According to the latest website update (see below) by the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, the case status has been changed to ‘Suspended’, which indicates that Twitter has reached a settlement with the respondent.  

Twitter WIPO UDRP Suspended

As of today though, the domain names and are not in the hands of Twitter and continues to re-direct visitors to an online survey website.  If the respondent in the case fails to transfer the domain names or fulfill their end of the agreement, Twitter can file a request to re-institute the proceedings.

Either way, this domain dispute seems like an open and shut case whether the case is terminated or reinstated. 

Twitter’s only other case filed to date with WIPO involved back in 2010, a domain dispute that also never reached a panel, but was transferred to Twitter.