shows the power of Typos with +132% Yearly Change in Traffic


Are there problems with typo domains?  With many, yes, especially if they were registered in bad faith. But “typo” doesn’t always equal bad faith.  And is an example of one such domain name. 

At least, in its beginnings. 

The typo domain which has been written about many times in the past, received over 79,000 unique visitors in February 2010.  At times over the past year, hit over 100,000 unique visitors per month according to Compete.  And as the massively popular microblogging service has soared in traffic, so too has traffic to  In February 2009, the domain had less than 35,000 unique visitors per month.

Despite the typo-believers who argue every domain name similar to a trademark or service, is registered in bad faith, was registered long before became what it is today.

No one knows with certainty if will ever try going after the current owner of  But unfortunately, the assumption of many people landing on the page resulting from a typo, is that a typo-squatter must be behind the initial registration.

Whatever happens with the domain, you gotta be impressed by the power of typo traffic. has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 27,136, more popular than some of the biggest sites on the net.