How would you prepare for the end-of-the-world? Someone buys the domain for $20,000

2012 end of the world

While some people are saving up enough money to last them until December 2012, someone has spent $20,000 for the domain name, according to Sedo GreatDomains.

The domain name is currently in Sedo’s Transfer Service, so it won’t be known for some time what’s in store for the name.  But it appears a lot of people are interested.

The Google Adwords: Keyword tool, a free service that shows the number of actual Google search queries, reports that nearly 100,000 searches for the exact keywords “2010 end of the world” were performed last month alone.  Over 60,000 searches were performed for “end of the world” and roughly 33,100 searches were performed by people for the phrase, “the end of the world”.

The “2012 phenomenon” suggests the end of the world will occur on December 21, 2012 (which is the end of the Mayan calendar), but that hasn’t stopped people from buying domains. 

In July 2010, the domain name, sold for a whopping $49,999 at AfternicDLS., sold for $10,000 via Sedo in 2010.  And what of the fate of the domain  Registered to a Sunil Gupta in Paris, France, the web address doesn’t resolve.