MindJolt acquires Bill Kara’s Hallpass Media: What you may not know

Mindjolt Hallpass Media

Like many a domainer, I’ve been keeping up on Bill Kara and Hallpass Media since he made news by purchasing the domain name cookinggames.com for $350,000. 

Over the past year, his company has kept busy with a series of launches including cookinggames.com, virtualpets.com, dressup.com and others. 

Late yesterday I received news from Bill that his company Hallpass had been sold to MindJolt.  I had already stepped away from the computer when I got the e-mail.  By the time the story hit the news wire at the New York Times and TechCrunch, it didn’t take long for domain bloggers to pick up on the headlines with DomainGang being the first to run the story, followed by Mike Berkens over at The Domains.

Of course, the New York Times and TechCrunch failed to point out — as domain bloggers have not, that Hallpass Media is more than just an online gaming network, with the company’s developed properties come some of its other greater assets — like the people and of course, some of the world’s best untapped gaming domain names.

According to Bill (who currently lives in Canada), “Going forward, we plan to build out more of my former gaming domains which is going to be alot of fun having more resources at my disposal.  Plus I am relocating my family to LA… no more snow for me.”

Smart, strategic move by MindJolt.