Zynga wins dispute for domain name (zygnagiftcards.com turned over to game network)

Zynga Gift Cards
Zynga, the gaming company that purchased the Cityville.com domain for $38,225 in June 2010 and turned it into a record-breaking game on Facebook, has been successful in getting the domain name zyngagiftcards.com.

In early February, Zynga filed a domain name dispute with WIPO, as reported here on Fusible.  On March 31, the Whois records switched from Joanna Hewett to Zynga Game Network Inc.  It appears the name was transferred before a decision was even reached by a WIPO panelist. 

The company also filed a dispute over zyngaworld.com, a case that has yet to be decided.

Zynga to unveil plans for zyngagiftcards.com?

As I mentioned in my previous coverage, in March 2010 TechCrunch reported Zynga rolled out gift cards at a number of major retailers in the U.S. 

Zynga refers to their “gift cards” as “game cards“, but the company doesn’t own the domain and hasn’t filed a dispute with WIPO.

Zynga gift cards could be even bigger business as the company has its targets set on the world. 

In March, the company announced it set up a studio in India.  In the same story, it was reported Zynga Game Cards would be launching in more than 500,000 outlets in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand