Zynga wins dispute for domain name (zygnagiftcards.com turned over to game network)

Zynga, the gaming company that purchased the Cityville.com domain for $38,225 in June 2010 and turned it into a record-breaking game on Facebook, has been successful in getting the domain name zyngagiftcards.com. In early February, Zynga filed a domain name dispute with WIPO, as reported here on … [Read more...]

Zynga goes after ZyngaGiftcards.com and ZyngaWorld.com domain names

Zynga has filed two domain name complaints concerning zyngagiftcards.com and zyngaworld.com with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization.  The complaints were filed today for ZyngaWorld.com and yesterday for ZyngaGiftcards.com.  Zynga's Domain Dispute Track Record Zynga has had … [Read more...]