Zynga files trademark for “With Friends” with the US Patent and Trademark Office

Zynga with Friends

On March1, 2011, Zynga filed for a trademark on the word “ville” in Europe. 

Days later, Zynga then followed “ville” with an application in Europe for “With Friends” on March 7. 

Now, the social gaming giant which filed for its IPO on July 1, has filed an application (No. 85361265) for trademark rights on the word mark “With Friends” in the United States.

As opposed to the European trademark filing [read here] which covers three different categories of goods and services ranging from clothing and footwear to education, the U.S. trademark is much simpler:

“Providing an online portal for computer games, video games, and gaming applications; providing information about computer games, video games, and gaming applications via the Internet.”

It was revealed in Zynga’s IPO filing that the company paid $53.3 million for the purchase of Newtoy, the developer of “Words With Friends” and other popular “With Friends” games.

Considering the amount paid for NewToy was its largest of any of its acquisitions, the company is definitely interested in protecting its “With Friends” brands, although it may ruffle some feathers as it did with its application for “Ville”.