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Lady Gaga wants the domain name rights to, files complaint

Lady Gaga

Pop singer-songwriter Lady Gaga who topped Forbes’ annual Celebrity 100 list as the most powerful celebrity is going to battle over the web address, according to a recent complaint filed with the National Arbitration Forum.

Not only has Lady Gaga mastered the music scene, but she’s dominated the web and social media scene, and has more Twitter followers than anyone else in the world (at the time of this posting, 12,886,773 followers on @LadyGaga).  

Though Lady Gaga works on behalf of non-profit organizations and donates money, she may be planning her own official non-profit organization.  Because of all her philanthropy, it comes as no surprise that a domain dispute has been filed for the .org web address, a domain that’s intended for non-profit organizations.

The domain dispute (case No. 1403808) has been filed with the National Arbitration Forum

Lady Gaga domain dispute

Because the National Arbitration Forum doesn’t publicly identify complainants on its website until a decision has been reached, the official complainant isn’t known at this time, but it’s safe to say it’s either Lady Gaga or her production team, Mermaid Music LLC, which is the registrant of

The dispute which has been filed against oranges arecool XD (the current registrant), may be an open and shut case for the NAF panel.

As I wrote about back in early June, oranges arecool XD owns and operates other celebrity domains and websites including,,,, and dozens more. is currently a Lady Gaga fan site.

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