Who’s planning a Big War game? CSC’s newest domains aren’t your average buys

Big War Game

An unnamed organization using the domain services of Corporation Service Company (CSC), a company that caters to some of the world’s most successful organizations, has registered a slew of domain names that hint at the possibility of a massive multiplayer war game called: Big War (BigWarGame.com).

The domain names – eight in total – were all registered on July 27, 2011 and have one thing in common: they all have “Big War” in the name.

No details on the company behind the registrations as of yet, since the domains are listed in CSC’s name.  But you can bet the company is a major player in the gaming industry, as CSC’s clients include many of the Top 500 companies in the U.S. and many of the top 2000 public companies in the world.

Here’s a look at the domain registrations.


I’ve done some checking around on trademarks and haven’t found any new filings, but it’s likely the company behind these domains will keep the game a closely guarded secret until it’s ready for launch.