AOL teases mqVibe launch: Something cool is coming to your neighborhood


I have written about AOL’s rumored plans to launch a neighborhood social networking service using MapQuest called “nVibe” and “mqVibe” in the last two weeks, after I found that AOL had filed a number of related trademarks and registered domains around the terms ‘NVibe’ and ‘Neighborhood Vibe’, as well as mqVibe.   

Today, AOL put up a teaser page on at the following web address:

A message on the homepage reads: Something cool is coming to your neighborhood.

The one page website features nothing more than links to the official MapQuest accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Once again, here’s a quick look at each of the trademarks, which are similar to the NVibe filings.

Serial Number: 85424935
Providing information and news in the field of local business

Serial Number: 85424931
Providing geographic information, destination information, interactive maps, and driving directions via computer and communications networks; Providing information, news, and commentary in the field of travel via computer and communications networks

Serial Number: 85424926
Providing a website that enables users to connect with people in a particular neighborhood or city; Providing user-defined content and content of others selected and customized based on the known or estimated geographical location of users

Serial Number: 85424918
Online social networking services; online local and community social networking services

At the time of this story, AOL has not officially announced anything about mqVibe.

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