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Apple files domain name dispute over,

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Apple’s legal department has been keeping busy in 2011, filing a new domain name dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over five names which belong to the same owner: Wachter Consulting Inc.

A total of ten cases have been filed by Apple Inc in 2011 going back to January, when Apple filed a complaint over and won.

The domains involved in the latest dispute (WIPO case number: D2011-1866) include:,,,, and

Wachter Consulting Inc. owns over 6,000 domains including web addresses like and  The company has been a respondent in disputes in the past, which involved and maté  In both disputes, Wachter Consulting Inc. won. 

This time however, it may prove difficult for Wachter Consulting to hold on to their ‘Apple’ names.

Apple has been having success all year long and in recent disputes, winning and, among many notable web addresses it has filed complaints over.

Apple currently has three cases open with WIPO, which involve names like,,,, and

One case it surprisingly hasn’t filed in 2011, is that of 

Apple fans expecting to learn more about the iPhone 4S, are currently greeted by a not-so-safe-for-work surprise when typing in the web address into their browser.

I wrote about the NSFW site back in mid July after a leaked photo of a rumored iPhone 4GS turned up on Weibo. 

One would expect a domain dispute to follow soon.

(Photo of Apple Computer — Apple Store, Michigan Avenue (Chicago) via TonyTheTiger)

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