Microsoft launching a Halo Monument for its Combat Evolved remake [UPDATED]

Halo Living Monument website

In mid-October I wrote about Microsoft registering the domain names and

I suggested that Microsoft might be launching a website having to do with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which is set to be released on November 15th for the Xbox 360.

Well, today Microsoft temporarily put a website together (pictured above) on the web address for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, but it’s currently not operational. 

None of the links are active and the Windows Live sign in in the top right is disabled. 

I took a screen shot before the site was taken down by Microsoft, which occurred while I was writing this post.

It appears the website is part of the online marketing campaign for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary as I suspected, similar to the Remember Reach website it released for Halo: Reach.  Remember Reach had visitors create a “living monument” of lights to honor Noble team members.

While details are limited, according to the source code pictured below, it appears visitors will enter their birth date when entering the site in order to view the multimedia.  The same way it works for Remember Reach.  . source code

Apparently, Microsoft has been working on the site at (which I also noticed in the source code), but neither nor resolve to a web page. 

The look-and-feel of the site is much like the product page for the game and has the exact same background.

With the game’s release only 2 weeks away, one would imagine the site will be back online within days, if not sooner.

[Update 1, Nov. 2, 5:00am EST: has been officially confirmed.  A commenter on the Joystiq article who goes by MrGreenCastle points to The Halo Fan of The Decade Contest, where one winner will receive a chance to be immortalized.  All entrants will have their photos uploaded to the interactive Halo living monument beginning on November 13.] 

[Update 2, Nov. 3:  Microsoft has now posted a teaser page on that displays nothing more than the launch date of 11-13-11, as shown in the picture below.]

Halo Living Monument teaser page

[Update 3, Nov. 13: has gone live.]

Discussion: Joystiq


You're welcome. Thanks for helping to confirm the story

LOL. I still run IE8 for certain apps that aren't supported on other browser.  By the time I checked in Chrome and Firefox to see if it was an IE issue when the site stopped resolving, Microsoft had already taken the site down.


who the f*ck still uses internet explorer...?


Wow, thanks for the credit, that's some ninja work, there.