MQVibe has a launch date, October 13

MQVibe Launch

I’ve been writing about AOL’s MQVibe since September when I first reported about the trademark filings and domain registrations having to do with NVibe and MQVibe.  

I wrote an article earlier this week where I revealed never-before-known details about the project, after I was able to glean more information from the website by sleuthing various web pages and source code that is no longer available, because AOL has since blocked access to the pages.

For starters, MQVibe appears to be a Google Places-like service using MapQuest that lets you rate and review neighborhood businesses/hotspots and will be integrated with Facebook.  Each place in MQVibe will be described by its vibe score and its underlying factors, which according to code that I took a screenshot of before it was taken down, are based on crowd-sourced user behavior and physical characteristics of the place, such as the category and location of local businesses, density, features of the urban geography, and demographics.

Now, according to an “advance look” invitation (pictured above) that was posted online by TechKnow Bytes, select tech writers and news sites have been invited to get a preview of MQVibe today and the official unveiling will take place Thursday, October 13, at 8am EST.

Expect a lot more coverage tomorrow, when writers who attend today’s web event are no longer “embargoed” from writing about the product.

If you can’t wait to get a look at the upcoming MQVibe, you’ll be able to learn more details here.