‘Remembering Steve Jobs’ domain now re-directs to Apple’s official website

Remembering Steve Jobs official site

Sadly, after Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, hundreds of people flocked online to register and capitalize on ‘Steve Jobs’ domain names. 

One such domain was 

The domain had first been registered in early 2009, shortly after Jobs gave a statement in January saying he had been suffering from a “hormone imbalance” for several months.  The domain expired in 2010, but was registered again on the day he passed away by Brett Burky, who had launched his own one page website.

It now appears Apple owns the domain name. 

On October 18, the domain name went behind WHOIS privacy and is now re-directing to Apple’s official ‘Remembering Steve’ page which it recently launched

It’s unknown whether Apple paid money for the domain or whether the previous owner handed it over. also points to the official ‘Remembering Steve’ page at the time of this story.

DNW reported earlier this month, 600 related domain names (mostly tasteless) were registered at Go Daddy alone, in the 36 hours following news of his death. 

Some shut down sales their sales threads, after news broke that people were trying to sell web addresses.

It’s good to see these two domains being used properly.

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