Apple secures domain

Steve Jobs

Apple has secured the dot-xxx adult domain (Whois), preventing anyone else from using the name of the company’s late co-founder.

This week, Apple officially took control of the domain through the registrar Corporation Service Company (CSC), a company that helps protect many of the world’s most valuable brands and patrols the internet for incidences of brand abuse.

The acquisition of comes the same week the company officially revealed itself as the owner of, a web address that has been re-directing to Apple’s online memorial since early October when Steve Jobs passed away.  

Apple has owned for months and now the Whois record for shows Apple as the registrant.

Surprisingly, to this day Apple does not own the web addresses of Steve Jobs in dotcom, dotnet, or dotorg. is owned by a resident of South Korea according to Whois records, while the dotnet is owned by the company Inc. is up for sale by its owner, who also owns

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‘Remembering Steve Jobs’ domain now re-directs to Apple’s official website

Remembering Steve Jobs official site

Sadly, after Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, hundreds of people flocked online to register and capitalize on ‘Steve Jobs’ domain names. 

One such domain was 

The domain had first been registered in early 2009, shortly after Jobs gave a statement in January saying he had been suffering from a “hormone imbalance” for several months.  The domain expired in 2010, but was registered again on the day he passed away by Brett Burky, who had launched his own one page website.

It now appears Apple owns the domain name. 

On October 18, the domain name went behind WHOIS privacy and is now re-directing to Apple’s official ‘Remembering Steve’ page which it recently launched

It’s unknown whether Apple paid money for the domain or whether the previous owner handed it over. also points to the official ‘Remembering Steve’ page at the time of this story.

DNW reported earlier this month, 600 related domain names (mostly tasteless) were registered at Go Daddy alone, in the 36 hours following news of his death. 

Some shut down sales their sales threads, after news broke that people were trying to sell web addresses.

It’s good to see these two domains being used properly.

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Apple got and 18 other names like at same time

iPod Touch

There is all sorts of speculation about what will be after MacRumors noticed Apple Inc. made an update to the domain. 

The update to the domain name involved Apple removing the Whois privacy, thus revealing to the public that it owned the name.

Apple Pico rumors have ranged from a pico projector, to an “iPod Pico”, to other products and features.

Well, with some domain sleuthing and Whois research, a new iPod model called the “iPod Pico” seems more likely solely based on the domain activity that took place on the exact same day in September 2007 on MarkMonitor’s name server.

For the most part, there is one thing in common among the 18 other domains on the nameserver that day: iPod.

It’s important to point out that Apple newly registered in late September 2007 after the name had deleted, along with,, and that had also deleted from its registrar  The company did not own before that date according to Whois and Name Server history.

Here’s a look at the name server report for MarkMonitor published on September 28, 2007. 

Newly registered Apple domain names

Apple not only registered the 4 domain names above, at the same time it also transferred 15 other domain names (see below) from to the MarkMonitor server. 

It appears most (if not all)19 domains were previously registered to a Derek Nuhn of Canada.

Apple domains transferred in to MarkMonitor's name server

If you pore over the list of names, you’ll notice Apple acquired from Derek Nuhn weeks after its initial product launch.

So there you have it, more domain activity all taking place on the same day to add further speculation. may be destined for a pico projector, just as may end up as a personal video recorder that offers Tivo-like recording for the Apple TV.  But as MacRumors first rumored, it could turn out to be the next iPod model.

If you recall, Apple recently won a domain dispute for, so something bigger could be brewing.

Come September 7th when Apple holds its iPod event, we may finally know what is to become of