Apple secures domain

Steve Jobs

Apple has secured the dot-xxx adult domain (Whois), preventing anyone else from using the name of the company’s late co-founder.

This week, Apple officially took control of the domain through the registrar Corporation Service Company (CSC), a company that helps protect many of the world’s most valuable brands and patrols the internet for incidences of brand abuse.

The acquisition of comes the same week the company officially revealed itself as the owner of, a web address that has been re-directing to Apple’s online memorial since early October when Steve Jobs passed away.  

Apple has owned for months and now the Whois record for shows Apple as the registrant.

Surprisingly, to this day Apple does not own the web addresses of Steve Jobs in dotcom, dotnet, or dotorg. is owned by a resident of South Korea according to Whois records, while the dotnet is owned by the company Inc. is up for sale by its owner, who also owns

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