Amazon to launch a new feed generator for its stores? Domains registered

Amazon HTML Feed generator

Several years ago, developer and Amazon Hacks author Paul Bausch created a tool to build RSS feeds which automatically searched Amazon for products which matched a specific set of keyword search terms.  The web app was even mentioned on the Amazon Web Services blog.

Despite its heavy usage, the app was eventually taken down from the web.

If you visit the app page today, a message on the site reads, “This page used to have a little web app that auto-generated RSS feeds of Amazon products. It’s gone for the foreseeable future, sorry about that.”

Well, it appears Amazon is working on its own feed generator, according to several new domain registrations.

On November 7, Amazon registered the following domain names:,,, and

At the time of this story, Amazon has not made any announcements nor do any of the web addresses resolve to a web page. 

But with the holidays right around the corner, chances are the feed generator will be made available in the very near future for eager shoppers.