Microsoft developing “30 to Launch” Windows Phone app, but what is it?

30 to Launch Windows Phone app

Microsoft appears to be developing a new Windows Phone app called ’30 to Launch’.

On November 4 according to WHOIS records, Microsoft registered the domain names,,, and

All of the domains were registered through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor.

No details are available on exactly what ’30 to Launch’ will be. 

No trademark applications have been filed and the only exact match domains taken, are the ones Microsoft registered: and, neither of which resolve to a website at the time of this story.

As far as social media usernames, went online for a very short time in 2009, but is no longer active.  ’30 to Launch’ was setup as a collaborative project between Sarah Lewis and Alex Terry that asked users, “What would you do if you had 30 days left to live?”


What is it? Is it a typo of 3D to Launch? Is it a contest to develop an app within 30 days? Is it an app which enables the user to launch a product? Is it part of a larger phrase that a new application will launch on the 30th? "Opening April 30 to Launch . . ." Does it mean Microsoft bought Yahoo?