Google registers ‘Value of the Web’

Value of the Web

It looks like Google is getting ready to market another one of its products or services.

On December 14, the search engine giant registered the domain name through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor.  Google also picked up the dot-net and dot-org.

As with many of its thousands of names, they may end up being nothing more than part of the company’s defensive domain strategy.

Recently though, new registrations have hinted at something more.

In late November Google registered a number of Google Gives Back domains, then launched its Google Gives Back 2011 website this week. It also purchased the domain in early November, which launched online earlier this month and is currently in invite-only beta period.

Last week, the search company accidentally revealed the acquisition of RightsFlow through domain registrations.  As first reported here, news of the registrations appeared online hours before an official announcement was made.

On the same day Google registered, it also registered and its typo

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