Actress Rose McGowan wants her name, files dispute for

Rose Mcgowan

Actress and singer Rose McGowan has apparently filed a complaint (Case Number: 1419570) over the domain name with the National Arbitration Forum.

First registered over ten years ago, today, is parked with HITFARM (part of the Reinvent Media Group), an online monetization service for domain names.   

The website currently displays third-party ads, many having to do with her career, such as Netflix ads for the supernatural drama television series Charmed, which she is well-known for. 

The owner of the domain name is currently hidden behind WHOIS privacy, according to registrant records.

Because the National Arbitration Forum doesn’t publicly identify complainants on its website until a decision has been handed down by a panel, the official complainant isn’t immediately known.  As domain disputes usually go though, it’s all but guaranteed that Rose McGowan filed the complaint.

In the online world, Rose McGowan is an active Twitter user, with nearly 200,000 followers.  However, outside of fan pages and information on websites like IMDB, apparently she has no official site to call her own.