Facebook takes control of FaceSounds dot-com, dot-info domain names

facesounds.com whois

Facebook Inc. has taken control of FaceSounds.com, which at one time offered a free search toolbar add-on to users wanting to change their Facebook chat sounds. 

A quick search on the internet turned up many unhappy users who said FaceSounds spammed their friends.

Previously owned by a resident of Tel Aviv, the Whois information for FaceSounds.com and FaceSounds.info was updated this week and now reflects Facebook, Inc. as the owner of both domains.

It’s unknown how Facebook went about acquiring the names or whether the company has any plans, but at the time of this story, neither domain resolves to a web page. 

My guess is that this is nothing more than Facebook protecting its IP rights.

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  1. Anonymous says

    DId they take control of the movie faceoff