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Electronic Arts registers ‘The Cap Lab’

Electronic Arts Redwood Shores

I have no idea what Electronic Arts is dreaming up, but this week the video-gaming company registered the domain name:

On June 18, 2012, EA purchased the domain (Whois) through the internet brand protection company CSC Global.

No other traces of names being registered in other extensions can be found, and, at the time of this story, EA has not filed any trademarks for “The Cap Lab”.

It’s unknown what EA has planned.  The company has not made any official announcement and the domain name does not resolve to a web page.

According to Whois history, was first registered by a resident of Florida in 2007, but the name appears to have expired way back in 2009 and was never renewed.

Readers:  Care to guess what “The Cap Lab” will be?

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 Yup, they do.  Didn’t even make the connection earlier today.  Thanks for commenting.

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