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EA files trademarks for ‘Jet Set Detectives’, privately registers domain

Jet Set Detectives

Two new trademark filings by Electronic Arts have popped up on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website.

On July 31, 2012, EA submitted applications (Serial Number: 85691049) and (Serial Number: 85691046) for ‘Jet Set Detectives’.

The filings cover “Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game” and “Computer game software; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices; Video game software”.

EA also appears to have secretly registered the matching domain (Whois) back in June through the internet brand protection company CSC Global.  Despite the owner’s name being marked private, EA is likely the registrant as they are a well known client of Corporation Service Company, which protects many of the world’s most valuable brands.

Upcoming EA titles include Overstrike (pictured above), Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3, but the video game company hasn’t made any announcement about ‘Jet Set Detectives’.

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Electronic Arts registers ‘The Cap Lab’

Electronic Arts Redwood Shores

I have no idea what Electronic Arts is dreaming up, but this week the video-gaming company registered the domain name:

On June 18, 2012, EA purchased the domain (Whois) through the internet brand protection company CSC Global.

No other traces of names being registered in other extensions can be found, and, at the time of this story, EA has not filed any trademarks for “The Cap Lab”.

It’s unknown what EA has planned.  The company has not made any official announcement and the domain name does not resolve to a web page.

According to Whois history, was first registered by a resident of Florida in 2007, but the name appears to have expired way back in 2009 and was never renewed.

Readers:  Care to guess what “The Cap Lab” will be?

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Domain registrations reveal Lucasfilm is working on “Star Wars 1313” project

Star Wars 1313

UPDATE 2: May 6, 2012 @ 7:42 PM Est:. Star Wars 1313 now looks less likely related to a new film.  Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “Star Wars 1313″.  The filing hints that a new video game will be released.

ORIGINAL STORY:. Last July, talk of a film featuring Boba Fett was making the rounds on the internet after Screen Rant interviewed director Joe Johnston who said he was trying to get George Lucas to make a movie based on the Star Wars bounty hunter.

Though nothing was ever confirmed, Lucasfilm is hinting at a new project called Star Wars: 1313, according to several domain names registered on May 2, 2012, through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company.  The registrations I spotted include names like (Whois) and (Whois).

It’s unknown at this time, what Lucasfilm has in store for Star Wars: 1313.

The company hasn’t officially announced anything at this point, but has registered eight domains in total including:,,,,,,, and

I’m only speculating that Star Wars: 1313 is the Boba Fett movie.

The only thing I have dug up so far on the significance of “1313” in the Star Wars universe, is that CT-1313 was once an alias used by Boba Fett on Aargau when he was confronted by a clone trooper.

UPDATE 1 at 3:37PM EST:.  In addition to the eight domain names I spotted earlier, Lucasfilm registered the same names in a number of different extensions.  The following names were also registered on the same day:

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Mini Ninjas sequel to be called Hiro’s Adventure? Square Enix registers names

Mini Ninjas: Hiro's Adventure

Two recent domain name registrations by Square Enix Limited suggest that a sequel to the action-adventure video game Mini Ninjas may be in the works. 

According to Whois records, the youngest of all the mini ninjas may be embarking on a new quest called Hiro’s Adventure.  On March 2, 2012, Square Enix Limited registered the domains (Whois) and (Whois).

The original Mini Ninjas, which follows the main character Hiro as he sets out to stop the Evil Samurai Warlord, was first released in 2009 and has been well-received by critics, scoring an 8 out of a possible 10 according to GameRankings.

In December 2011, Square Enix announced it would be releasing Mini Ninjas on the browser using Google’s Chrome.

At the time of this story, Square Enix has not announced anything about a sequel and both domains resolve to a blank web page, not an active website.


Could the new Barnes & Noble Nook be called the Nook Glow or Nook Shine?

NOOK Tablet

Late last month, it was reported that Barnes & Noble would be introducing a new Nook this spring. 

Although very little is known about the successor to the Nook Tablet, some interesting domain names were privately registered on February 13, 2012 with CSC Global, a company that helps protect many of the world’s best global brands in part by registering and managing thousands of domain names.

The domains registered were (Whois) and (Whois). 

Additional names that were registered on the same day include:,, and

The names currently resolve to a blank web page at the time of this story.

While the registrant of each domain is listed as Corporation Service Company, it’s pretty safe to say that Barnes & Noble is behind each name, as CSC specializes in domain, trademark, and brand services. 

For now though, the name of the next Nook device will remain speculation until Barnes & Noble makes an official announcement.

[Updated on March 2, 2012:. It appears Barnes & Noble has acquired according to Whois records.]

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