Ubisoft registers SirPainhammer.com, launches website and Twitter feed

Sir Painhammer

During their Press Conference at Gamescom 2012, Ubisoft revealed three new Might & Magic games: Duel of Champions, Raiders, and Heroes Online.  What no one seems to be talking about yet is “Sir Painhammer”, a character who popped up online this week on the website SirPainhammer.com and on Twitter at @Sir_Painhammer.

Sir Painhammer appears to be a Might & Magic character who so far has been posting entertaining tweets like, “Look, I don’t wanna tell anyone how to live, but I just saw a man walk by my front gate wearing skintight green leotards… #coolfashionbro.”  The tweets started appearing online on August 7, 2012, and have continued almost daily since.  A tweet published yesterday reads, “I think I just broke a few ribs diving into my diamond pool but it was totally worth it. #YOLO.”

SirPainhammer.com, which was registered on August 14 according to Whois records, is a website.  The call to action on the home page says, “LET’S DROP THE HAMMER ON SOME FOOLS”.

You can sign up by email, but other than that, not much is known about what the site will ultimately become.

Sir Painhammer appears tied to the Might & Magic universe and as Gamescom 2012 continues, it’s likely more will become known of the character.