Ubisoft Entertainment takes over web address used in Ghost Recon Beta scam

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft Entertainment has taken ownership of the domain name GhostReconBeta.com.

The domain, which had been registered in April 2012 by a Netherlands resident, had been used in a beta scam for the video game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.  Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, the latest installment in the series, was released in May for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Beta scams for video games are fairly common online and usually involve a website and web address that are confusingly similar to that of a legitimate well-known brand.  The websites will claim to offer beta keys to upcoming video games, but instead trick users into filling out survey scams and downloading malware to their computers.

Earlier this year, Microsoft took control of the domain names Halo4Beta.biz and Halo4Beta.net, after filing complaints against the owners.

While little evidence of the GhostReconBeta.com scam website can be found online, Ubisoft Red Storm responded to a Twitter message from gamer @BlackDogsUnit back in late May, saying that the website ghostreconbeta.com was not legit and any information about Ghost Recon would come through official channels on GhostRecon.com.

Ubisoft Red Storm

According to Whois historical records, the person who registered GhostReconBeta.com, is no stranger to using the names of well-known companies for the purpose of scam surveys.  At the time of this story, they own and operate websites and domains like SpotifyGiveaway.com (Whois), WarFaceBeta.com (Whois) and HawkenBeta.com (Whois).

Spotify Giveaway scam website

Though it’s unfortunate companies have to deal with these types of sites, it’s surprising they don’t register domains that can be used to trick consumers.

A quick check of other popular titles by Ubisoft, shows several domain names not registered.

Rainbow6Beta.com, SplinterCellBeta.com, and WatchDogsBeta.com are just a few examples of names that are readily available.

Today, GhostReconBeta.com does not resolve to a web page.