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Ubisoft registers ‘Me as a Zombie’ name, as ZombiU release date approaches

Me as a Zombie

Ubisoft has registered a few domains this week, including one interesting name: (Me as a Zombie).

The gaming company registered the domain name on October 1, 2012, according to Whois records.

As the November release date approaches for Ubisoft’s first-person shooter ZombiU, chances are you could see more marketing efforts in the weeks to come.  Given the name “Me as a Zombie” and the timing, it appears the domain registration is related to the ZombiU title.

So what could we expect from Ubisoft?

Well, it seems with the popularity of zombies, that a website or app where visitors upload images of themselves and become zombies, is a possibility.  According to a quick Google search, becoming a zombie online is pretty popular.  One site in particular,, has over 50,000 “Likes” on Facebook, and claims to have turned over 1 million people into zombies.

For now, zombie lovers may have to wait a little longer to see.

At the time of this story being published, is a parked web page.

On a domain related note, Ubisoft also registered the domains and