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THQ to giveaway Metro 2033 for free, according to its newest domain names

Metro 2033 Free Download

In October, THQ allowed customers to purchase the first-person shooter Metro 2033 for half-off for an entire week.

Now, it looks like THQ may sweeten the deal on Metro 2033 by giving it away for free, as the release date for Metro: Last Light draws closer and closer.

This week THQ appears to have privately registered several names hinting at the offer, like (WHOIS) and (WHOIS).

Currently, the actual company that registered the names is hidden behind Go Daddy’s WHOIS privacy service, but as you can see from the screenshot below, the domains are listed on THQ’s nameservers.

Metro 2033 WHOIS record

While it’s still only speculation, here’s a look at several of the domains THQ apparently registered.

At the time of this story, THQ has made no official announcement, but with Black Friday and the holidays right around the corner, news could be coming soon.

UPDATE 1 – NOV. 18, 2012: It’s a good thing I took a screenshot of the WHOIS record.  Since the story was published, the domain names have changed name servers and are now parked with Go Daddy.  THQ also decided to park (WHOIS) at Go Daddy, which it has owned for some time and once sent visitors to an official web site, according to screen shot history.

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It would certainly get me interested in the sequel that’s for sure.  I’ve never really had the guts to buy it because of the mediocre reviews.  I’ve always heard how GPU intensive it is though so it would be cool just to watch my 6850 fry whilst trying to run it even if it’s not good :’)

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