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Ubisoft’s new next-gen IP may be called “Fighter Within”, domains registered [UPDATED]

Ubisoft: Fighter Within

Video game company Ubisoft appears to be up to something.

Judging by changes to some domain names, the company looks to have registered earlier this week and also secretly registered the name back in June.  Both names were registered using Go Daddy’s proxy service.

While the proxy service makes the true registrant of the names unknown, both names redirect users to a “Coming Soon” page on

No official announcement has been made by Ubisoft regarding “Fighter Within”, however, Ubisoft recently said it would “share details on a new next-gen IP currently in development” at the upcoming Gamescom which takes place August 21-25.

With less than a week until Gamescom, we should know soon what plans are in store for “Fighter Within”.

UPDATE 1 August 18, 2013: More information has been revealed about “Fighter Within”.  A snapshot of the official website (before it was taken down by Ubisoft) was stored on Google Cache.

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