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Trion Worlds unveils $90,000 domain, open-world shooter MMO

Defiance by Trion Worlds

In mid-April, the domain name sold for $90,000 USD via Sedo.

This week the website was revealed in advance of E3, where it will be getting its first real showing reports Joystiq.

What’s so groundbreaking about it?

Matt Daniel for Joystiq writes why.

“Three years ago, Syfy announced that it would be teaming up with RIFT creator Trion Worlds to construct the world’s first MMO that would actively intertwine with a live-action TV series. This project became Defiance, which will be making its debut at E3 2011. The groundbreaking project will create a shared universe for the game and TV series, with each influencing the other through actions the characters and players take.”

Trion Worlds released¬†RIFT in March 2011, but despite paying out almost six figures for, the company hasn’t been successful in acquiring the domain¬† The official website for RIFT is