Ubisoft pays undisclosed amount of cash to acquire Watch Dogs dot-com domain

Watch Dogs has been generating a lot of buzz in the video game community since it was first announced at E3 2012. Last June, on the very same day Ubisoft kicked off its E3 press conference and unveiled Watch Dogs, the company registered a bunch of new domains like WatchDogs2.com, WatchDogs3.com, … [Read more...]

Microsoft files complaint against owner of XboxSmartGlass.com, wants domain [UPDATED]

Xbox SmartGlass was officially unveiled earlier this week at the E3 convention in Los Angeles.  Days before the big event, rumors had swirled that Microsoft would reveal SmartGlass, prompting the company to register a slew of domains with "SmartGlass" in the name like XboxSmartGlass.net. One name … [Read more...]

Microsoft registers “Xbox Smart Glass” domains amid E3 rumors [UPDATED]

UPDATE 2: Microsoft has unveiled Xbox SmartGlass.  Engadget writes, "SmartGlass brings Airplay-style wireless technology to Xbox and Windows 8 by letting you send video from your tablet or phone to your TV.  It then turns that second screen into an information window giving you data of the content … [Read more...]

Ubisoft Entertainment registers “Just Dance Floor” domain names

Early last month, a list of twenty-five titles for the Wii U were leaked from a UK Blockbuster.  While the games haven't been confirmed, many of the possible titles, which includes Just Dance 4, will almost certainly be released. Though Ubisoft has not announced anything official, the company is … [Read more...]

Creative agency for Microsoft registers Halo 4 Remix, Halo Remix domains

It looks like a promotion or online contest for Halo 4, set for a worldwide release on November 6, 2012, may be on the way.  Roundhouse, a creative agency based in Seattle, WA, who counts among its clients Microsoft, has registered the domain names Halo4remix.com and Haloremix.com. Roundhouse … [Read more...]

Ahead of rumored E3 reveal, Microsoft goes after XboxMusic.com [UPDATED]

UPDATE 1 July 5, 2012:. Microsoft has won the domain dispute for XboxMusic.com.  A National Arbitration Forum panel has ordered the domain name transferred from Wang Shiguo to Microsoft Corporation. ORIGINAL STORY:. Last month, The Verge reported that Microsoft will offer a sneak peek at its Zune … [Read more...]

Lucasfilm Entertainment files “Star Wars 1313” video game trademark [UPDATED]

UPDATE 1 May 31, 2012: Lucasarts has unveiled the Star Wars 1313 website (screenshot above).  Starwars1313.com now re-directs visitors to www.lucasarts.com/games/1313/.  The official Facebook page can be found on www.facebook.com/StarWars1313. While there is nothing more than an image on the home … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii U announced at E3 without the domain name

Nintendo has named its next game console to be released in 2012 the Wii U, but strangely enough, the company announced the successor to the Wii at E3 2011 without owning the domain name. Up until a couple days ago, wiiu.com was a parked page, but after the announcement the owner of the domain has … [Read more...]

Trion Worlds unveils $90,000 domain Defiance.com, open-world shooter MMO

In mid-April, the domain name Defiance.com sold for $90,000 USD via Sedo. This week the website was revealed in advance of E3, where it will be getting its first real showing reports Joystiq. What's so groundbreaking about it? Matt Daniel for Joystiq writes why. "Three years ago, Syfy … [Read more...]