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Microsoft files complaint against owner of, wants domain [UPDATED]

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass was officially unveiled earlier this week at the E3 convention in Los Angeles.  Days before the big event, rumors had swirled that Microsoft would reveal SmartGlass, prompting the company to register a slew of domains with “SmartGlass” in the name like

One name noticeably missing from the list was (Whois).  That’s because Microsoft wasn’t quick enough to register the name.  It was registered by a resident of China who goes by “Haiyue Tang” on the very same day Microsoft moved to secure its “SmartGlass” domains.

Microsoft may have been slow to secure the domain, but it still intends to get it.

Microsoft has now filed a complaint (Case Number 1446970) with the National Arbitration Forum over the domain name

The domain name dispute proceedings commenced this week and also involve

At the time of this story, is a blog written in Chinese that claims to be a non-profit with the purpose of introducing people to the smart glass industry.  Yeah, it’s a stretch.  In one of the first posts on the site, the owner tries to explain the origin of “Xbox SmartGlass” with no mention of Microsoft.

Based on the track record of Microsoft in domain disputes and the fact the company filed a SmartGlass trademark back in January, it should be an open and shut case in Microsoft’s favor.

Talking about this story: Kotaku

UPDATE:. Microsoft has won the dispute for and  Both domains have been ordered transferred.

(Image of Xbox SmartGlass presentation at E3 via Engadget)

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