Toby Clements prepares to launch site

Toby Clements is working on the launch of his website, to complement his domain newsletter and database of more than 15,000 subscribers.

In early April, Rick Latona who recently posted on his blog that he was entering a three-year program at Harvard Business School, announced that he cut a deal with Toby Clements to divide up his company.  As a result, Toby got 100% ownership of the popular domain newsletter.

Currently, the website is still undergoing changes, but there is a lot of content available — including information on the newsletter subscription, financing, domain submissions, and more.

According to the bio page on the website, the domain newsletter has done well into the eight figures with sales and acquisitions since 2007. 

Although the site just went online this week, the newsletter under the Toby Clements brand went live earlier this month.