Toby Clements prepares to launch site

Toby Clements is working on the launch of his website, to complement his domain newsletter and database of more than 15,000 subscribers. In early April, Rick Latona who recently posted on his blog that he was entering a three-year program at Harvard Business School, announced … [Read more...] sells for $14,000; Food domains enjoying several five-figure sales over the last year

Over the past year, food-related domain sales have been enjoying some of their strongest sales.  According to Sedo's GreatDomains, is the latest in the group, selling for $14,000 USD.  2010, appears to be the strongest year for food domain sales, with the majority being brokered by … [Read more...]

Rebranding effort of our Domain site from to is complete

The rebranding of Little Devil Media into is complete.  There was no major updates to the old Little Devil Media design, except the logo, web address, and name.  Now we can have a stronger focus on our domain brand long-term. Because Little Devil Media isn't the best brand to use … [Read more...]

Need to Sell Some of Your Domains to Yield Cash? Try Rick Latona’s Newsletter

We made a decision a few months ago to raise some cash, and the staff at have been great in assisting us with several transactions over the last few months.  We've been able to promptly sell several of our domain name assets and convert them into cash.  There are other fabulous … [Read more...]