Six-figure domain name expires, is pending renewal or deletion

The screenshot you’re looking at is actually a screenshot of the home page, taken from 2008 and was captured by DomainTools Screenshot History.  Up until April 11, 2011, the domain name had been registered to a Brenda Thornburg. 

That’s all changed.

Today, is nothing more than a Network Solutions parked page – along with a message at the top that reads, “ expired on 04/09/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion.”

And Brenda Thornburg (the original owner) is no longer listed as the registrant, “Pending Renewal or Deletion” is. Whois

At the time of this post, the domain name is up for auction at NameJet as a Pre-Release name. 

According to, appraises for $106,000.  

Readers, if makes it to auction without being renewed by its original owner, how much do you think it will sell for?

In 2007, sold for over $12,000 on SnapNames.

[UPDATE Apr. 20th, 2011:  The original registrant has renewed the name, and as a result, the domain name will no longer head to auction at NameJet.]


NJ Transit renews its domain name for 10 years after heavily-trafficked web site goes down

NJ Transit

A story that appeared on about the New Jersey Transit forgetting to renew its domain name ( brought attention to what can happen when you don’t renew your domain name in time.  If you fail to renew, your web site could go down.  

That’s just what happened to, the home of NJ Transit, a web site that averages 600,000 unique visitors per month according to a rough estimate provided by Compete.

“Initially saying the problem was the result of a glitch between the domain name and server that began at 7 a.m., NJ Transit officials later confirmed the domain name expired last Friday”, writes Mike Frassinelli.

To prevent the web site from ever going down again, at least due to the domain expiring, NJ Transit is reported to have renewed the domain name for 20 years according to the story.

“And Stessel said the problem won’t present itself again for quite some time. NJ Transit renewed the domain name for 20 more years.”

However, if you take a look at the Whois record, the problem could pop up again much sooner. At least 10 years sooner in 2021, when the domain is set to expire. 


Years after discontinuing its Hardwire products, Xilinx lets expire

Xilinx logo

Founded more than 25 years ago, Xilinx the semiconductor company, whose programmable chips can be found in 3D televisions, mobile communications equipment and even on board the Mars Rover space mission, has allowed its domain name to expire., originally registered in the mid-nineties, expired on 11/27/2010 and is pending renewal or deletion.  The expiration comes years after the company discontinued its HardWire line of products in February 2003.

The name is now up for auction on NameJet with the high pre-bid topping $1,000.   

Could Xilinx, whose own domain name was first registered in 1991, have just simply forgotten to renew the name? 

Whatever the reason, don’t expect to go for cheap.  There are a number of uses and products for Hardwire – and at the time of this story, there are over 130 bidders angling to be the new owners.


Domain Name Expires, Up for Auction at NameJet

bird singing

The domain name expired, and it’s set for auction over at NameJet.  According to Domain Tools, the name was originally registered in 1997.  Estibot gives the name an appraisal of $15,000, but with a current high pre-bid of $120 and 29 bidders, the appraisal sounds pretty high.

Using Google’s Keyword tool, the term Melodious gets an ‘Exact’ Global Monthly Search Volume of 8,100.

The .net version is owned by Melodious Data Systems. The .org is owned by, and nearly all other extensions of the name have been registered for years.