Amazon has plans to launch “Flow”

WHOIS Amazon domain

Domain name registrations are often a good indication of future plans by companies.

So based on recent domain names purchased by Amazon I would say that the company has plans to unveil something new called Flow.

On October 26, Amazon registered several names through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor that centered around the word ‘flow’ like,,, and

After a little domain sleuthing, I also discovered that Amazon registered the domain name back in early June. 

Although the domain is registered at Go Daddy and hidden behind its privacy service Domains by Proxy, as I’ve pointed out in the past when I predicted the next Kindle would be named after an element, it’s simple to reveal Amazon as the owner by using Go Daddy’s public Account Retrieval System.

Flow is obviously a reference to a river flowing like the Amazon, but in this case ‘Amazon Flow’ will end up being a service or product.  In recent months, Amazon’s legal department has registered a number of names related to nature that go well with its name. and the other newly registered domain names, are either parked at Go Daddy or do not resolve to a web page at the time of this story.

This week, Amazon also acquired, and