Calvin Ayre offers up 8 predictions for the gambling industry in 2011

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If you’re a gambling domain investor and are curious about what Calvin Ayre has to say about the gambling industry, today he offered up 8 predictions for what’s to come in 2011

The buyer behind and in 2010, Calvin Ayre didn’t hint at the sale price of, or specifically anything about domain names, but maybe that’s because he’s eyeing the category-killing domain for himself.  

He certainly has the cash to do so. 

In July, the self-made billionaire behind Bodog, purchased for $206,906.  Shortly before that, he purchased for a deal totalling $5.85 million.

Calvin Ayre’s 2011 Predictions

Calvin Ayre opens his article on the less serious side with predictions like “Harry Reid will attempt (and fail) to slip a 1,900 page online bingo bill into a Senate roll call” and “At least one major poker company is killed by the cruel hand of the marketplace; two others commit ritual suicide after being bullied once too often on”

But if you scroll to the bottom of the story, Calvin Ayre offers up several serious predictions:

The launch by (at least) one US state of its own online gambling operation will set in motion a process that ultimately undermines any attempt at instituting online gambling at the federal level

2011 will see a continued increase in global stature for privately-held, London-based online gaming companies like Bet365 at the expense of publicly-traded companies and private companies based in less professional jurisdictions (where it’s much harder to build world-class teams).

Europe will continue its Balkanization trend, with each country having its own set of rules (also referred to as walled gardens in some reports).

Read Calvin Ayre’s full list of serious and not-so-serious gambling predictions for 2011.