Time to double down on gambling domains? NJ passes legislation to license, regulate online gambling

It might be time to start looking over those gambling domains in your portfolio.  Today, New Jersey approved online gambling legislation in what PokerNews calls, "...an historic day for online poker". New Jersey became the first state to pass legislation to license and regulate online poker … [Read more...]

Predictions on the next Facebook game title by Zynga

With Zynga's latest Facebook game Cityville topping the charts as the most popular Facebook game in 2010, I thought I'd offer up a few predictions on Zynga's next blockbuster game title in 2011.  With Cityville, Farmville, and Frontierville numbering daily users in the millions, one can only guess … [Read more...]

Calvin Ayre offers up 8 predictions for the gambling industry in 2011

If you're a gambling domain investor and are curious about what Calvin Ayre has to say about the gambling industry, today he offered up 8 predictions for what's to come in 2011.  The buyer behind Slots.com and Slots.ca in 2010, Calvin Ayre didn't hint at the sale price of Gambling.com, or … [Read more...]