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Garry Chernoff: One $45 domain purchase, one $500,000 domain sale


When I asked Garry Chernoff to share something special about his latest sale of for $60K, he told me he purchased the domain from the previous owner for just $1,000. 

But if that doesn’t blow your mind, then maybe this piece of news will.

You remember the $500,000 domain sale of reported earlier this year, don’t you? 

“ was purchased from a drop catching registrar (Signature Domains) in 2001 for $10. + the $35 reg fee. $45. total,” Garry Chernoff wrote me by email today. sold to Turkish casual game producer Gamegos, as I first reported here.  The sale is still in the top 5 publicly reported domain sales of 2011, currently tied for the #3 spot