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Dozens of domain registrations by J.K. Rowling’s firm may lead to more clues in mystery


The Christopher Little Literary Agency, the firm behind J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter novels, launched a mysterious, new website this week that offers few clues as to what lies ahead. 

The one-page “Coming Soon” website has nothing more than two owls that, when clicked, take you to a YouTube countdown video and even more “unknowns”.  What fans do know, is that the full details of Pottermore will be revealed in less than a week on Wednesday, June 22, but for now everyone is guessing what it’ll be.

I did a little sleuthing around the Name Servers ( where resides and unearthed dozens of domain names registered by the Christopher Little Literary Agency, going all the way back to June 2009 when the name was first registered.

  Christopher Little Literary Agency
  10 Eel Brook Studios
  125 Moore Park Rd
  SW6 4PS

Domain name:
  Created on: 2009-06-25
  Expires on: 2011-06-25

From books to games to stores, the domain names registered started back in 2009 and picked up again around November 2010.  WARNING:  The firm purchased dozens of defensive registrations, so the language in some cases is funny like, others a bit more graphic like  Don’t believe J.K. Rowling’s firm registered the name? See the WHOIS records for yourself.

Here’s a list of nearly 150 domain names I dug up that are registered to J.K. Rowling’s firm, most dating back to the winter of 2010.

The trademark for the word “Pottermore” was registered by Warner Bros two years ago, shortly after was registered on June 25, 2009.