KAX Media issues press release about purchase; “It was an easy decision given the price”

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Nearly two weeks after being revealed as the buyer of by eGaming Review, KAX Media issued a press release briefly describing its $2.5MM purchase of

The company stated it had plans to aggressively grow through improvements in conversion rates and more targeted traffic acquisition, and that would continue to operate exclusively as a portal for online gambling and only within regulated markets.

Comments on the price

Charles H Gillespie, the KAX chief executive, was quoted in the press release as saying: “ ticked all the right boxes and provided an immense amount of intrinsic value. Due to our previous experience looking at similar transactions we realized that it instantly made sense for us and were able to act quickly. 

“It was an easy decision given the price. KAX has a conversion tracking software platform that was purpose built to run this exact kind of site, allowing for an easy transition to our current business and technology platform. We felt that KAX was the perfect organization to maximize the value of,” said Gillespie.

Because the deal involved more than just a domain name changing hands, it doesn’t look like the sale will be topping any domain sales charts in 2011. 

2011 Gambling domain sales

Publicly reported sales of gambling related domains in 2011 have been somewhat slow compared to 2010.  Though the $5.5MM sale of didn’t take place until June, by this time last year, sales of for $1MM and for $100,000 had already occurred several months earlier.

Information provided by DN Journal shows a limited number of sales in 2011 in the four figure range and higher. 

To date some of the higher dollar sales include for $19,000, 카지노.kr (IDN) casino in korean for $11,500, for $24,167, for $28,000, for $42,300, and a handful of other sales.

If you want to check out the full press release on, you can visit the businesswire website.

News’s mystery buyer revealed as KAX Media

KAX Media

The mystery buyer behind the highly coveted domain name which was purchased in late April 2011 from Media Corp for $2.5 million is no longer a mystery. 

Now, just a week after the news was announced, eGaming Review has identified the buyer.  According to eGR, KAX Media is the new owner.

Chief Executive of KAX Media, Charles Gillespie, was quoted in the story saying: “It’s a classic private equity buyout where new management comes in and implements an aggressive growth strategy. KAX has an affiliate software platform that was purpose built to run this exact kind of site so the overlap with our current business and technology platform is nearly one to one.”

It doesn’t look like the sale of, which sold for a fraction of the $20 million price tag that Media Corp acquired it for, is going to be make any domain sales charts in 2011, since the sale involved more than just the domain name.

As eGR writes, “Gillespie said KAX would now look to grow the portal business sold by Media Corp last week…”

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