Complaint Denied: Nintendo loses dispute over domain name [UPDATED]

In February, Nintendo of America filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of with the World Intellectual Property Organization, in what seemed like a slam dunk case for the video game company. A decision in WIPO Case Number D2013-0322 was posted to WIPO's website Saturday and … [Read more...] What’s in store for Nintendo’s newest domain registration?

Nintendo already has over 3,000 domains to its name and as of this week, you can add a new one to the list: On October 18, Nintendo of America Inc. purchased the never-before-registered domain name. It's not clear what the plan is for, as Nintendo has not made … [Read more...]

Nintendo gains rights to, more than 25 years after game’s release

It's hard to believe it's been over 25 years since Nintendo released Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.  In 2010, Super Mario Bros. celebrated its 25th anniversary.  But in all these years, Nintendo hasn't owned the matching domain to one of the most beloved games of all time.  That's changed for … [Read more...]