PopCap’s parent Electronic Arts registers ‘Bookworm Heroes’ domain names

It's been a few years since PopCap Games has released a new Bookworms title, but it looks like something new may be on the way for the word-forming computer puzzle game, according to new domain registrations by PopCap's parent EA. On November 1, 2012, Electronic Arts registered several names like … [Read more...]

Sequel to be called Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare according to domains

It looks like the folks at PopCap Games have settled on a title to Plants vs. Zombies 2, due out in the Spring of 2013. The company has registered a slew of domain names like GardenWarfare.net, PlantsvsZombiesGardenWarfare.com, and PvZGardenWarfare.com. In August, PopCap Games officially … [Read more...]

PopCap Games registers domain names for unannounced ‘Bejeweled Frenzy’

There hasn't been any news of a new Bejeweled game being developed by the folks at PopCap Games, but that doesn't mean one isn't in the works. On August 2, PopCap Games registered the domain names BejeweledFrenzy.com (Whois), BejeweledFrenzy.net (Whois) and even BejeweledFrenzy.org (Whois), … [Read more...]

PopCap planning to launch casino-style social games on Lucky Gem Casino

A little over over a week ago, I wrote about PopCap Games registering over two dozen new domain names of many of its existing games.  The names included the words: casino, slots, and poker, such as bookwormcasino.com and bookwormslots.com.  Included in the bunch was luckygemcasino.com, which now … [Read more...]

PopCap registers casino-style domains that hint at new versions of hit games

Is PopCap Games planning casino-style versions of many of its popular games like Bookworm? Based on domain name registrations that the company has made in the last few days, that's what it looks like.  PopCap has purchased variations of many of its games that include the words: casino, slots, … [Read more...]

PopCapSF.com: What’s in store for PopCap’s newest domain registrations?

The $1 billion acquisition talk that last week spread across the web has seemed to have died down.  No more clues have been dropped as to who the mystery buyer will be, but TechCrunch's sources point to Electronic Arts.   No real interesting news this week on PopCap except for MumboJumbo filing … [Read more...]