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Ubisoft actually registers domain name for Rabbids’ yell

Raving Rabbids bwaaaaaaaaaah

Ubisoft has made somewhat of an interesting domain purchase this week.  On April 17, 2012, the video game publisher registered the thirteen-letter name (Whois), which refers to the crazy rabbits known as the Rabbids and their trademark yell, “BWAAAAAAAH!”.

Oddly enough, Ubisoft opted not to go with shorter versions of the name like (which is only twelve letters long and is available at the time of this story).  In fact, Ubisoft could’ve registered the nine-letter, ten-letter or even the eleven-letter names.

The registration appears related to the first volume of a comic book that will be released in June by the same name.

At the time of this story, the domain does not resolve to a web page.

Discussion: GoNintendo

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