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Samsung files new trademarks for Lens, Shortcut, Centura, Montage and Array

Windows 8 Samsung Tablet

Samsung has filed several new trademark applications that cover mobile phones, smartphones, and tablet computers.

The filings suggest Samsung is preparing to launch several new devices called the Samsung Lens, Samsung Shortcut, Samsung Centura, Samsung Montage, and the Samsung Array.

The trademark applications were all filed on September 9, 2011 by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Of the five trademark filings, the ‘Samsung Array’ was the only one that had been filed in the past.  However, the trademark application was abandoned in March 2011, then re-filed (Serial Number: 85419340) to not only include smartphones, but tablets as well.

The trademark applications for Samsung Lens, Samsung Shortcut, Samsung Centura, and the Samsung Montage are all new.

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(Photo of Samsung Windows 8 Tablet via Weibo – MichelleHu)