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Complaint Denied: Take-Two loses another domain dispute, this time over

Take-Two loses another domain dispute, this time over

Take-Two Interactive Software had a pretty good track record in 2013 when it came to domain complaints, winning more than two dozen disputes over names like and

But lately, the company has been running into trouble. The last two rulings have not gone in the company’s favor.

Take-Two recently lost a dispute over a domain name of a fake snuff website it used to own, and now a WIPO panel has denied its complaint over, a three-letter domain name whose acronym is often interpreted as “Grand Theft Auto”, a pretty common term these days, which Take-Two seems to think it has a monopoly on.

Details of the ruling, which was posted online today, have yet to be released.

In 2012, Take-Two trademarked the terms “GTA TV” and “Rockstar TV”.

According to WHOIS records, the domain is registered to iCity Corp.

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Take-Two registers ‘NBA 2K14 Greatest Shots’ domain near the time of media event [UPDATED]


There was a media event for the next-generation version of NBA 2K14 earlier this week and the buzz continues to grow for the video game.

Interestingly enough, around the same time of the event, Take-Two Interactive Software, the parent company of 2K Sports, registered the name (WHOIS).

The domain was registered through the brand protection agency MarkMonitor, and in the past 24 hours the domain moved from MarkMonitor’s domain servers to Take-Two’s domain servers.

Will “Greatest Shots” be a mode that allows you to relive some of the most memorable shots in NBA history?

As of the time of this writing, a parked web page appears, but the move to Take-Two’s servers hints something more may be in store for “NBA 2K14 Greatest Shots”.

Here’s a look at a screenshot of the WHOIS record for the name:

While there’s been a lot of press coverage on NBA 2K14 for the next-generation consoles, there’s been no talk yet of “Greatest Shots”.

UPDATE 1: The official website has been launched at  The Facebook contest has you record your best shot and then submit it online for a chance at winning prizes.

NBA 2K14 Greatest Shots home page

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Take-Two wins dispute for domain name, case still pending

Take-Two wins dispute for, case still pending

Video game company Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. won a domain name dispute (Case No. D2013-1434) for,, and

The decision comes shortly after Rockstar ruled out the possibility for a GTA 5 movie, but hinted at a TV show for the Grand Theft Auto series.

While a GTA TV show is all just rumor and speculation at this point, Take-Two has been filing complaints at related domains.  In August 2013, Take-Two filed a dispute (Case No. DTV2013-0004) against the owner of the domain (WHOIS), however, a decision has yet to be issued.

A panelist with the World Intellectual Property Organization ordered and the other names transferred after finding the names were confusingly similar to Take-Two’s GTA trademarks, that the current owner had no rights or legitimate interests in any of the names, and that the names were registered in bad faith. The names had been listed for sale for prices ranging from $350 for to $15,000 for

All four names: (WHOIS), (WHOIS), (WHOIS) and (WHOIS), are still registered to Domain Asset Holdings, which is operated by domain name pioneer Mike Mann.  Mann made headlines in 2012 after registering 14,962 domains in 24 hours.

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Manhunt 3? Take-Two goes after domain name of fake snuff website it used to own [UPDATED]

Manhunt 3

Much of the buzz surrounding Take-Two has been over the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V.  What you may not know, though, is that Take-Two just filed a dispute over the domain name (WHOIS), which used to be a fake snuff website used to promote the psychological horror video game Manhunt.  The domain name and website were owned and operated by Rockstar Games for years, until the company let the name expire in 2011 and its new owner launched a petition site aimed at having Manhunt 3 developed.

Why go after the name after more than 2 years since it changed owners? Is Manhunt 3 in the works?

There have been rumors of Take-Two introducing a Manhunt 3 before, but the rumors were quickly eliminated.

Take-Two filed the dispute (WIPO Case Number: DTV2013-0006) over this week with the World Intellectual Property Organization.  The case follows a number of successful filings against owners of other Take-Two related domains like and

Today, the identity of’s owner is private according to WHOIS records, but the petition site is online.

A message on the site reads, “I strongly believe that there is still a desire to make a new Manhunt game within at least one of Rockstar Game’s many studios, I think it’s just a matter of showing Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar’s parent company) that there is still a high demand.”  Despite the current owner’s efforts, only 4 signatures have been received, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Valiant Video Enterprises

The fake snuff website (SCREENSHOT) once owned and operated by Take-Two may or may not be coming back.  Even if Take-Two wins the dispute and takes control of the domain, it’s only speculation that the video game company might one day release a Manhunt 3.

On a sidenote, if Take-Two decides to release a Manhunt sequel, they do own and

UPDATE 2: Take-Two’s complaint over the domain name has been denied by a sole panelist. Details of the ruling can be found here.

UPDATE 1:. Be advised, the Valiant-Ent website has devolved into graphic content since this story first broke earlier today.  Do not visit the website unless you are prepared for adult content.

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Take-Two Interactive registers domain name [UPDATED]


Take-Two appears to have made an interesting domain registration in late July.  On July 25, the video game company registered, according to WHOIS records.

Though the name was privately registered through Network Solutions, the WHOIS record clearly shows Take-Two.  The information that is marked private is contact information like the email address. also switched domain servers to in the past 24 hours.

It’s unknown what, if anything, the video game company has planned for Hungover X.

Maybe it’s related to the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V.?  It’s just speculation, but in both Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and GTA IV, drinking was an activity.

Here’s a look at the WHOIS record for WHOIS

No announcement has been made by Take Two and the domain currently does not resolve to a website.

Take-Two doesn’t seem all that interested in related domains, as the .com was the only name registered at the time of this story being published.

The company will be attending GAMESCOM 2013 later this month.

UPDATE 1 August 6, 2013: HungoverX is a Bureau: XCOM Declassified mini-game, reports Joystiq. The website is now live, having gone online in the past 24 hours.

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