Chicago Tribune web site going local? Company registers over 300 domains

Chicago Tribune Building

The last time the Chicago Tribune web site underwent a major makeover was in 2008, the same year the Tribune Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 

The Tribune Company still hasn’t emerged from bankruptcy protection after three years, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped it from planning changes to its flagship publication. 

It appears the Tribune Company might be investing in a redesign of its Chicago Tribune web site by going more local in towns, villages, and cities within Illinois. 

On November 28, Tribune Company registered over 300 Tribune domains.

The list includes names like,, and  332 more domains, none of which resolve to a web site at the time of this story going online.

You can see the full list of domains here, as it’s too big to publish in this post.

Discussion:, @poynter and Gapers Block

(Image of the Chicago Tribune Building via Flickr)